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Radionic Computer and Radionic Equipment

We have been established since many years ago, and have from the beginning specialised in all aspects of research into Radiesthesia, Radionics, Electronic Medicine, Agriculture, and similar systems.

If you are new to this work you will wish to know more about it. Hence, each section of this website is prefaced with information on the scope of the equipment offered.

We have been able to build a world wide and personal service over the many years. The vision has always been on giving a personal and individual service, so rarely found in the world today.

The goods and services offered in this website are unusual, but useful. Instruments are designed to give the maximum results for the minimum of instruction. No previous experience is required to operate Radionics Instruments, but instruction are available if the owner of an instrument feels that more knowledge would be helpful.

We hope that you will find this website interesting enough to order from us. If there are any points you wish to know, please write to us personally

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