Ebola Radionic Rate 590381021533136
Ebola Rife Frequency 922Hz
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Welcome to Copenlabs

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About Dr Bruce Copen. Bruce Copen laboratories were founded by Dr. Bruce Copen in Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom in 1947 and London still continues to be the main, administrative offices. Dr Copen focused on the principles of radiesthesia, radionics, electronic homeopathy and other alternative scientific themes. Dr Copen wrote more than 60 books and 9 course studies. Copen instruments are manufactured at our own manufacturing facilities. Our factory produces instruments of the highest quality following Bruce Copen's designs and standards, thus assuring that you, the customer, adquires the highest quality instruments available today.

Many have tried to copy our equipment, in fact, some companies are saying they produce equipment for us. Don't be fooled and invest your money on low quality equipment that does not work properly. Don't risk your health and that of your patients just to save a few dollars.

Our prices are in US Dollars, call for other currency exchange around the world.

Our prices DO NOT include Import taxes!

Featured products
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SKU: LH-07055-3

The CC/80/8 model is a pure potentiser. For production of complex remedies, it is equipped with four memories for storage of individual ingredients. The CC/80/8 model offers you 8 memory positions. The rate index which is supplied as standard provides you with more than 2600 homoeopathic remedies...

Retail price: US$1,499.00
Our price: US$1,349.00 You save 10%

EECS Broadcaster 4 Fold
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EECS Broadcaster 4 Fold
SKU: L-07032-4

The radionic broadcaster is a new concept in radionic balancing which gives very positive results. The EECS broadcaster operates with pre-programmed EECS cards on which the balancing programme is stored. By this means there is no need for settings to be implemented on the broadcaster. The cards c...

Retail price: US$1,288.00
Our price: US$999.00 You save 22%

MK 12P/MA Portable
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MK 12P/MA Portable

The MK12P is the portable version of the MK12. It provides you with exactly the same facilities as the MK12, but is housed in a portable casing. The MK12P is the ideal instrument if you often have to travel or if you have limited space available.

Retail price: US$2,665.00
Our price: US$1,999.00 You save 25%

NEW PRODUCT !!! Small Plate
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NEW PRODUCT !!! Small Plate
SKU: SP258

Now you have a choice of a smaller, affordable plate. It measures 19cm x 19cm. Enough to hold a one gallon bottle! Several colors to choose from, order yours today.

Our price: US$285.00

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SKU: LR-07120

The ASLD95 is the result of continuous research and development. It is the highest-performance instrument of Copenlabs and combines various systems within one instrument. It offers a fully equipped analysis/balancing section with 15 rotary controllers for setting of rates. The integrated radionic...

Retail price: US$4,800.00
Our price: US$4,199.00 You save 13%

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